chop midi note into smaller different time signature devisions

How can it be done in cubase ?

I was watching tutorial how to make stutter like rolls that are common in trap music, in FL studio you can draw let’s say quarter note but than you can chop it with 2 clicks into 1/32, 1/12, etc, without changing master quantize setting.

Like in this video here at 9:45

anyone ?

Set your grid so it is the same size as you want the cut notes to be. Select the Split (Scissors) Tool.

Hold Alt and click/cut the Note at the 1st Grid Line. This will Split the note repeatedly at that length.

Indeed raino, thank you for your help.
Sidenote: A longstanding FR would be a new Cubase keycommand: “Split at Grid”.
(Can’t believe this is still not implemented).
Such a keycommand would be way faster workflow.