Chopping midi notes in equal length

Is there anything similiar to FL studios chopper tool? I dont use FL but seen it in a video the chopper tool looks super handy for editing note lengths in the piano roll. How do chop pieces into equal lengths? I know we can make all notes one nice, but if we have a whole note and want to chop it into quarter notes or triplets, is there a fast way to do this?


Use the Scissors Tool while holding down the ALT/Option key at the length of the first desired note. The original will be split into as many notes of that same length as will fit.

I tried this last night and it didnt work?

Old dog, new trick. :smiley:

(Me too… oh! we were talking about Cubase! :stuck_out_tongue: )
Seriously though…
Check Preferences>Editing>Tool Modifiers>Split Tool. What does it show for “Split repeated”?

The length of the newly split notes is dictated by whatever the snap/grid is set to when you alt click with the scissors. So if you want 16ths set the grid to 16ths. If you want 16triplets set the grid to that etc.

Unless snap is off, in which case Vic’s answer is the literal fact.

Glad to find out this exists.

On my DAW it works exactly like Vic said independent of the grid setting. I had Snap on & the grid set to 8th notes and did alt+Split at the half-note point. All the resulting notes were half-notes not 8ths. Turning Snap off produced the same results. However since I didn’t Split it exactly on the grid line because Snap was off the slight error on my first note propagated across the 8 bars I was splitting so by the end the notes were pretty far from the grid (but all the same length except the last which was short).

This behavior seems the most desirable to me. I’d want to have Snap on so the split is precise. But I don’t want to change the grid value to get different lengths.

Maybe another preference is coming into play?

Great I got it! Now, is there anyway to just apply the splits to highlighted parts? Have you guys seen the FL chopper tool in action, super efficient…

Unless snap is off, in which case Vic’s answer is the literal fact.


Of course, I was simply trying to let others know the whole story. (The added functionality when used with the grid turned on) Pretty important part of the functionality/discussion wouldn’t you say?

I would!

Reading the original poster’s post, where he said he wanted to split into [quote] quarter notes or triplets [unquote], I allowed myself the liberty of thinking he would have set the Snap value accordingly :wink:.

Cool thanks guys… how is the following achieved in cubase, to pain in the notes like this

Drag from the right edge of the note, holding down the alt/opt modifier key.

Great thanks!

I wish this was working in the Score editor.

Thanks to realizment2 for the question and to vic_france for the answer.

Alt + scissors is a great way to slice parts into segments.

You just need to set Cubase to ‘Grid’ and ‘Beat’ and then choose the length of your slices by setting the timing (1/4, 1/8, 1/16 etc).

Powerful idea, will save hours, thanks for this one!