Chopping up and re-assembling a score


Is it possible to chop up a dorico score (one single flow) into little pieces, and then reassemble it (append) while retaining all the formating done, remembering and connecting all the rehearsal marks, etc, etc? I can see import new flow, but not really “append into existing flow”. I think Ctrl-A Copy/Paste will lose a lot of detail, specifically formatting (though I’m not sure what, exactly).

I’m finding it’s just not workable to engrave a symphonic movement (i.e. typical orchestra, 10-15mins of music) with condensed score switched on. My computer (admittedly not a great one) just grinds to a halt whenever I try to e.g. move one single stave. I’ve tried all the suggestions (i.e. close the file and reopen it with only the full-score lay-out open), I’ve switched off my sound library (silent template). I’ve even tried to pepper my score with lots of Frame-breaks, hoping in vain it would stop Dorico from recomputing the whole score all the time, but nothing works and I have run out of options, so am now considering the ‘butcher approach’.


Unfortunately I don’t think this is a good approach. Really you need to keep the piece as a single flow. Try to do everything but the final formatting before you enable condensing.

Well, that’s what I did. In the end I just read a book while I did 88 pages of staff re-alignement over two days (I timed it once and Ctrl-Alt-Up-Up-Up took 2.5 minutes…). But obvioulsy this is not really workable long-time.

I’d be interested to see the project itself, if you’d be willing to send it to me. You can email it to me at d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de.