Choppy audio input from my mics?

I just got Cubase 12 Pro and wanted to record some vocals, but for some reason my audio keeps sounding choppy like it’s not able to pick everything up. Almost as if I’m repeatedly pulling the mic to and from my mouth, except I’m not. And this happens with both my lapel mic and normal headphone mic. Does anyone know how to solve this issue? Also my computer is a Lenovo Legion, if that helps in any way.

I’d initially be suspicious of both your cables and any jacks & connectors involved.

Perhaps you could post a sample of the audio so we can hear the actual problem.

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Just as a side note unrelated to your current problem, not having a mic attached to your body, which moves all the time, makes it easier to get clean recordings without extraneous noises.

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Hi! Thanks for the reply and thank you for your patience! I actually managed to figure out the mic problem while I was abroad. Turns out it was just because I had the monitor feature on while I was recording haha. I also don’t have any cables or jacks; just my Lenovo Legion.
However, now the audio, including when I use the virtual instruments, sounds completely grainy, which I didn’t have before. I don’t think I’ve changed any settings though that could have caused it. Would you possibly know how to fix this?