Choppy video playback on Cubase 10


I recently upgraded to Cubase 10 from Cubase 9.5. Everything works fine except the video playback. When I try to work with it the video is very choppy and the image freezes alot. I need to compose music for a film and I must have it running smoothly otherwise I can’t work. I tried updating Quicktime player because my instructor once told me that Cubase is using apple video codecs and it can solve most of the problems but it still runs very choppy.

Anyone has a solution?
Please help.

Hi, which 9.5 Vs were you using? I have the same problem here but after I udated from 9.5.30 to 9.5.40 and 41. The video engine was working perfectly before.
I had to go back to the 30 twice.
Frame rate 23.98
Format/Codec: MOV / ProRes 422 Proxy

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All 9.5 versions and 10

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Now I’m afraid to update to 10. Let’s wait for some help.
I’m on the same situation, most of my work is for video.

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Same & more here: the video features are problematic and broken. Cubase 9.5 played video files of various formats perfectly - also have installed the Dnx codec etc. Now also cannot use Blackmagic Decklink MiniMon 4k card, dead, no picture. This is exactly what happened with the Nuendo 8.3 update and obviously SB have borrowed that here. Now neither apps are able to use the Decklink. Cubase 10 also will not play vids correctly in a window, stops playback after a few minutes, or choppy, useless etc. For the moment, Nuendo will play OK in a window.

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I tried playing in window and I even asked the producer to send me a MOV formatted video since my instructor once said that Cubase video player is optimized for apple formats. Still too choppy and I cannot work with it… I’m sort of losing my mind here. I need to work. :frowning:

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Make sure you try to play a DAW friendly video.

For example: .mov(quicktime) container, (some form of)ProRes codec.

HEVC or H264 encoded video is a bad idea, unless you’re sure you have some form of hardware decoding that works properly.

As I posted above, I’m using mov/ProRes as always. When the client give me the video in different format I always use Xmedia Recode to transform it to mov/ProRes. My problems started after the 9.5.40 update. I’m completely lost here…dunno what to do :frowning:

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I can only support what @zipb says.

Read this article, please.

Thanks for your reply. Yes, I read that article already but there is nothing which can help me. My videos are already in the supported formats and frame rates (prores/23.98)
The problem is: if I open a video in C9.5.30 ( or prior) it play smooth and if I open the same file in C10 or C 9.5.41 it play very choppy.
So I think that the problem is not in my system.
I’ll try to submit a ticket.
Thanks again for your support, Martin.

I am currently using tools like handbrake and davinci resolve on mac. Does anyone know of a good smaller sized mac tool that lets me quickly convert mp4 files into prores mov format so I can import it easily into cubase? also, I miss the replace audio in video function, thanks steinberg.

I also have videoplayback problems. In every version up until v10, the video playback is smooth(v9.5.41)…now in v10 I cant play ANY videos.
Something in this update is BROKEN!
Not even support can help

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I`ve just tried the 10.10 Update and the video stills broken here.

At least I´ve found a temp workaround. Copied the videoengine.dll from the C9.5
(c:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 9.5\Components\videoengine.dll)
c:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 10\Components\ (make a backup before)

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Hey pal. Sorry for the late response. I already deleted Cubase 9.5 so I don’t have that file anymore :frowning:
Anyway I’m currently having another worse issue. Afterwards I’ll try to copy that file from a friend’s computer who still uses 9.5.


One more !!
Just updated from 8 to 10…
Passed a while to optimize, update and set my PC same for C10 but nothing to do…
The same project with video works good in c8 and not in c10…
I take any solution or better an update from god !!!

(gonna try with the video engine from c8)

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I can’t resolve the issue you have in Cubase 9 or 10 (works fine for me), but I can suggest an alternate solution. Xjadeo is a free video player with MTC and MMC (for scrubbing) support. You could try using it either on your DAW host or using network MIDI to connect over the network and run your video on a separate machine so your DAW isn’t hassled with video duties. Sync is frame accurate so far as I can tell for both scrubbing and playback when both MTC and MMC are being used (tested by having the same video loaded in both C10 and xjadeo with time code on each frame).
Download here for Mac, Windows and Linux:

Many thanks robw !
For your answer and for the link…
I’m not sure to undestand everything, cause i don’t use sync anywhere (a long time ago i used it with external tape)
In my case i dont have no external video device so no need to sync ( or i ditn’t understood !)
I gonna make some more tests but i guess the problem is not by my side (even if i allways keep doubting
Thanks again anyway !

Tried xjadeo (with jack) but i was unable to relie it with cubase. (surely my fault) but they don’t purpose real manuals, just a few “instructions”, not clear enough for me and my poor english

Someone to send me or upload somewhere the 9.5 videoengine.dll ? Please
I’m out of ideas

or again PLEASE GOD, An update !!!

Done :wink:

Many thanks Lhoste !

I just made a few test again with your dll and it don’t works for me…

But i can report here some more sympthoms, for God, just in case… :

The performance bar stay blank except a few light moves in the disk tray, while my poor processor get to 99%
In the win10 process list, it’s the cubase10 application that get so high, and not another underprocess.
Reading don’t stop, audio’s perfect, but vidéo give at all 2 images per second
Tested with and without : hiDpi, 32 or 64 bit workdepht, hi asio gard, max latency, imported video in blank C10 project, and so on…

I’m about one week testing…
i hope they do it too there over,

I feel really frustrated cause i only update every two release and this time audio seem to work better whith the 64bit workdepht
But i can’t use this version till video problems are solved.
So i’ll wait before pay again for an app i cannot use…

And one last thing again, it works very good on C8
Got both installed and i can compare quickly…

Still have twenty days trial to get an update…

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