choral experts: Longa or Maxima?


quite often I can not decide, wether to end a choral setting with a Longa or a Maxima on the last chord.
I know, this is more for decorative reasons, but still: how does this look to you?

Longa or Maxima.png

That looks like a longa to me.

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Yes Daniel, I tried the Longa - which looks somehow small in Dorico.
I don’t know whether this is intended, as I have not seen many of those…

[edit]: I have now custom scaled the last Longa note up to 116% and it looks ok.

Longa in Dorico - scaled to 116 percent.png
Longa in Dorico.png

You might want to create a Notehead set for final notes of this sort, so you can apply a fixed (and editable) style to all notes in one go.

Thank you Ben; I am still confused, are these values (Longa/Maxima) in the right proportion concerning there note head size? They don’t really seem to match the Bravura note head sizes up to that value.

Usually, the Longa is just a breve with a tail; the Maxima is an elongated version. Though it makes sense to make one of them obviously short and one obviously long. Here’s Thomas Morley’s handy reference guide of 1597:

And here’s Bravura’s range. The Longa is certainly narrower than the Breve, and the horizontal bars aren’t as thick. Obviously, our semibreves and shorter are not the same forms as in Morley’s day.

Here’s November2. Strangely, the Longa notehead is missing from the glyph set (or in the wrong place), so I’ve just added the Breve head.

(The slight misalignment of the stem is just a screen alias issue: zoom in and there’s no problem.)

And here’s MTF-Cadence. (I can only attach three files, it seems).

I prefer the thicker beams and the shorter vertical strokes. Bravura has shorter strokes, but lacks the thick lines; November has the thick lines but lacks the shorter strokes. Something for everyone!

Of course, the Longa and Maxima are part of the Mediaeval / Renaissance set of noteheads in SMuFL, so may be intended to match better with similar vintage notehead forms for the other notes.

Coming back to this old thread: November 2 received an update, which fixed the missing Longa notehead.

We also have Finale Maestro now:

And of course, for my money, the best breves in town, Sebastian:

Enjoyable thread, thanks!