Choral voice names when divided and not divided

I have a choral part which is primarily SATB but towards the end the Sopranos and Tenors divide into Sop 1 Sop 2 and Ten 1 and Ten 2 on separate staves. This all works nicely where I notate the second parts of each voice in Galley. However I would like the Soprano and Tenor staves elsewhere in the score to simply be Soprano and Tenor. In all instances now when the parts are not divided, they are appearing as Sop 1 and Ten 1 which will be confusing for singers. I hope this is clear though I fear it is not. Thank you.

I would do this with 4 players SATB and use the divisi feature for the extra staves. Divisi works only for “section” players, so if yours are currently solo players, you’ll need to add new section players for Soprano and Tenor, move the instruments to them, and then delete the (empty-handed) solo players.

If you need more details or if I’m not picturing this right – if for example your piece is in “closed” score (SA + TB staves) – or anything else is different, say so and we’ll figure out the solution.


Thank you, Mark. I think you are picturing it right. Better than me certainly. Allow me to study up on this concept and give it a try. Hopefully I won’t do any outright damage. Thanks again.

Thank you, Mark, for clueing me in to this nifty feature. Boy did you ever have it right. Took me a bit of intense study to get the concept but it is a beautiful and flexible feature, and is another prime example of the beauty and depth and richness of this software. Not to mention all of you who know it so well and can enlighten the rest of us. Thanks again. George

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