Chord Assistant

Is it possible to add your own chords to the chord assistant?

Mr. Beer

Is that giorgio in ur pic?

Wanted to add my own chords for a while… Dont think its possible yet…

No you can’t

GGC, yes it is. Raino, bummer, thanks for confirming what I assumed.

Mr Beer, I’m curious how you would such a feature- how and/or when would you expect your custom chords to show up, in which view?

Midi input learn mode from event or live input.

-Do not try to “label” the new chords , instead let users do the labeling…
-Labels can include: root note / parent chord (parent chord can be used to calculate compatible chords for the assistant if needed) / define scale for chord
-A drop down menu from the chord editor with userchords/ folders of user chords
-Its all basically set up already, just not properly implemented it seems… (Add chord, midi input, txt box etc)

Anyway, im just brainstorming…

Nothing to see here… Keep calm and carry on…
(Back to my good morning tea) :stuck_out_tongue:

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