Chord Conundrum

I am trying to input chords for an Alto Sax, but only for 16 bars. I have no problem with chord entry, or having the chords show up for my Alto Sax. Dorico makes that easy. My issue is that I don’t want the chords for the entire Alto sax part-just the 16 bars for the solo. When I delete the unwanted Alto sax chords, my other chords (Piano, Guitar and Bass) are deleted also. I’ve Alt-clicked the individual chords I need from the Bass and tried pasting that into the Alto part, but it doesn’t work. Is there a way to isolate those 16 bars and only have chords input there?

Yes, it’s called a chord symbol region! Input one of those, and then set the player to show chord symbols in slash and chord symbol regions. You need to go to setup mode to do this. Are these the same chords as in the rhythm section? If not, you can also add local chords just for these 16 bars for the Alto, but you still need the region to show them!


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Thanks! The chords for tha Alto Sax and rhythm are the same ( transposed, of course.). I appreciate your help!

I must be missing something. I went into setup, selected “Show in Chord Symbol and slash regions” for the Alto Sax, selected the measures, used the chord popover, entered “reg” and nothing happens. The bars are not highlighted, and no chords appear in the part or score. I have chords set to “Show in parts and score.” The manual suggests the selected bars should have a color, but they don’t-and no chords show up. What am I missing here?

I figured it out. I can’t it seems, input chords over an already written melody; when I set up a 16 bar empty measure region and add a chord symbol region with slash region, slashes, it works.

You just have to make sure that a) you have a Chord Symbol Region applied, and b) you have in Setup specified chord symbols to show in Chord Symbol and Slash Regions for that player. If you have View/Highlight Chord Symbol Regions checked, you’ll see the purple bar.

You might want to consider setting up a keycommand for it if you’ll be using it a lot too:

I prepared this:

Chord Symbol Region

Hope it helps!!