Chord descriptions

Why is there a disparity when it comes to chord descriptions. For instance when loading a C chord from Chord Pads onto a track, it shows as B#. Same with an F which shows as E#. Most confusing for people like me without a degree in music! :disappointed:

This is fixed in 9.030 patch.

Is that available for Elements 9? And where do I download it from?

Thanks Rommelaar, it’s downloading now.

This is why the update should be added in the Steinberg Hub. Maybe even as a pop-up.

Also, the last time I clean installed Cubase, it still only installed .20 automatically even when .30 was out.

Well, I downloaded it and it seems that only half the job was done! The only problem now is the Chord editor still shows A#, C#, D#, F# and G#, which when selected appear as their flat equivalents. You wouldn’t have thought that standardizing the nomenclature across the whole program would be beyond the wit of man (or woman!). I mean, why do half a job? It makes no sense at all.

Moan over.

Damn, I thought it was solved now. Please report that to MySteinberg technical support.

I’m so far from my DAW I can’t confirm this for days. But I think if you add a Key Event in the Chord Track which has flats for the misidentified sharps they’ll change to flats.

Chords without the supervision of a Key seem to on occasion misbehave. :astonished: