Chord Diagram customization bug?

Hey team,
I stumbled upon this admittedly frustrating issue with chord diagrams today:

Chord Diagram issue

What I was doing:

  1. Customize Chord diagram
  2. Hide Chord diagrams for that player, in order to only have diagrams displayed at start of flow
  3. re-enable chord diagrams for the player to further customize.

Result: All customizations were reset… :thinking: :unamused:
What am I doing wrong?


I just did a double check, and this happens with brand new projects as well:

  1. Change to a different chord diagram,
  2. Switch off diagram display, and then on again, and
  3. Watch diagram being reset to default.

Cheers, Benji

No bumping, I know, but just to check if this works as designed…
In a nutshell: Switching off chord diagrams temporarily erases customizations!

Cheers, Benji

You are bumping, and we ask you please not to do that. This thread is still on my list of those to investigate.

Thx! :+1:
Besides, my main intention of bringing this up again was to get my fellow forumites to confirm the issue, just as a quick sanity check … :wink:

Er, no, it wasn’t. You were asking whether it’s the expected behaviour, not whether or not other users can confirm. I know it’s difficult to wait for an answer, but there’s only one of me, and tens of thousands of you. I’m sorry for the delay.

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It’s all good Daniel, I appreciate what you’re doing and I can wait…
Many thanks for the patient feedback! :relaxed:

All the best,
Benji :christmas_tree::sparkles: