Chord diagram for Piano

I only can find Chord diagrams for fretted instruments. I need Diagrams for Piano. Is there a option? Where can I find it?

AFAIK There are no chord diagrams for piano (so far).
How do you suppose such diagrams would be printed in your sheet music?

ohh that’s realy sad. Just as the Diagramm for fretted instruments, just with a Keyboard like that:

Yep, @Nordine has a font that does this. I’ve used it before. Here’s a snippet from a book I did. I don’t have the dots here, but they’re easy to add.

I typically apply a significant amount of vertical compression, as it’s too tall IMO. Works great.

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But then you have a picture which you download and then mend it in to dorico as a Picture?

Or is this a plugg in you that works toghether with dorico?

NorKeys is a font, so you would simply be typing with it right in the program.

As @judddanby says, it’s a font. No fooling with importing images or blurriness.

ok. I have no Idea from fonts. would you do then layout the piece in Dorico u have space to put it there?

Just add it as staff text, typed in above the staff.

If you want to create piano diagramm and save as png…but that said, if you want to make worksheets with flows using images (frame pictures) and then put several of these flows in the same page is very disappointing for me in Dorico.

:smile: That’s because my NorKeys were drawn and based on a real piano keyboard snapshots. Enjoy!

…then why not use the font?

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Good question!
But to answer your question requires me to to broaden a little from this specific case of piano.
I actually have a lot of these fonts but unfortunately I don’t have enough memory to memorize all the shortcuts to create quickly what I want without opening the manual that refers to them
So a formula and shortcuts for a sax fingering (legni saxophone), another for a piano chord (Norkey), another for a guitar diagram (museFret), another for a flute fingering etc…
But and especially also for things for which there are no fonts, graphics could be good for making educational worksheet for people like me with a lot of differnet exrecises in one page (like courses for one week for each student).

fifth circle,etc…

When i have time I publish a new post to explain my frustrations of using charts in flows when I create worksheets for my students and online courses…to try to find supports from people who also make worksheets so that if ever the program improves in this direction…but maybe I’m the only one who thinks that?! and in this case no worries at all

@Dup, perhaps you should approach this from the other way around. For instance, using a dedicated page layout program to place your images, then use Dorico to export graphics of the musical content into your page layout program. This might be a smoother process and avoid frustration. :slightly_smiling_face: