Chord diagrams and playback

When a fretted instrument repeats a strum, I want to show one chord diagram above the slash note on a player’s notation staff , then slash notes for subsequent strums of that chord (e.g., rest/strum/rest/strum). In Playback, only the slash note with the diagram above it plays. Do I need to create another player with chord diagrams above each slash note just to hear all the strums?

You could write the chords in that you want to hear, and then transform those notes into a slash voice. Provided slash voices are enabled for playback in Play > Playback Options you should hear what you’re hoping to hear.

Thanks, Daniel. Writing in the chords is a good idea for future projects, but I’ve already “slashed” (though not burned) the strummed bars in the current chords part. When I created another part with every chord strummed, the new chord diagrams were added to the part that has a chord diagram above the first strum and then slash notes for subsequent strums. How can the two parts have independent chord diagrams?

If the instruments have different tunings then you will naturally get independent chord diagrams anyway, but if they have the same tuning, you can use local chord symbols, which allows them to be independent on each staff.