Chord Diagrams as Glyphs/Graphics

Hi everyone and especially the developers at Steinberg!

When producing teaching materials for students, it would be very useful to be able to include all the chord diagrams used in the piece at the beginning of the sheet, before the actual music. This would save a lot of space and make the music more readable. As Dorico 3 has a very powerful chord diagram editor, it would be great to include in it a feature for saving individual chord diagrams as graphics/glyphs.

In the mean time, spread the love and share different workarounds here:)

We plan to add a feature to automatically produce a grid of the used chord diagrams before the first system of the flow.

Same request here. I also would like to insert arbitrary chord diagrams in a graphic frame. I don’t always need every chord listed, sometimes just the tricky ones, or sometimes just an alternate one (an “easy” version) from what is notated. Doing chord diagram worksheets is another use case where the particular chords aren’t a part of any flow.

Supporting left-handed players is important here, as the chord diagrams are different for righties vs lefties. There are probably a few places where this could be supported. First, when adding a player for a fretted instrument (guitar, mando, etc), being able to set a property that says this player is left-handed, so print chord diagrams flipped. When editing chords, have an option to view from a left-handed perspective. When inserting a chord diagram into a graphic frame, be able to manually specify a “left-handed” property.

We’ve never seen any published books with left-handed chord diagrams showing the strings in the opposite order (and this is despite having two left-handed guitarists in the team).

You see this kind of flipped chord diagram published in chord books and instructional books. My left-handed players ignore chord diagrams in sheet music (meaning they use a phone app to translate), and looking at the image below, you can appreciate where the confusion comes from.