Chord Diagrams Dorico Elements 4 not Showing

I am new to Dorico and just recently purchased the Elements version. I cannot seem to get Chord Digrams to show about a Guitar Player staff. The manual states there is a Hide Chord Diagram option under “Players Setting”, but I do not see that.

I’ve also tried selecting a Chord Symbol and using the properties in the bottom pane to show Chord Diagrams and that does not work. I can however show the Chord Digrams at the beginning of the flow. I should also note that right-clicking on the Chord Symbol, although there is an option to toggle through Symbols it does not do anything.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

To show chord diagrams, go to Setup mode, right-click the player above whose music you would like to see chord diagrams, and from the context menu choose the Chord Diagrams submenu, and specify the tuning that you would like the chord diagrams to use, e.g. Standard guitar tuning.