Chord editor for pad mode in Cubasis 3

Dear Cubasis 3 programmers,

I’m just starting to use Cubasis 3 after some time using Cubasis 2, and one very noticeable change for me is the chord editor of the pad mode. It was very good and convenient in Cubasis 2 with the possibility to select all the notes for a chord individually. Actually, it was one of the main reason i decided to start using Cubasis. Especially when you are playing chords with very specific shapes. Now, in Cubasis 3, one can’t do this anymore. Instead, you just have the possibility to select the main tone, one of the different chord category available (ie major, minor, major 7, minor 7, dominant…), a chord inversion and the chord range. I’m sorry, but this restrain very much the flexibility and hence the use of the pads for playing chords. Of course, there’s always the possibility to add individual notes later with the integrated keyboard. But this makes the process much longer and complicated. I really need the pad mode when I don’t have the possibility to play an external MIDI keyboard, and want to start working on tracks (for example while traveling, or during my lunchbreak in the office…). So I would like to know if it would be possible to implement again the Cubasis 2 chord editing mode? Thank you very much in advance.
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This is also included in my bugs/suggestions list here -

Hopefully, we’ll get heard. It was so convenient top have this possibility, don’t know why they decided to change it… :open_mouth: Fingers crossed!!

It wasn’t changed. V3 was rewritten from ground up and the chord buttons module needs to be added to the new version - just as a few other functionalities like Playhead scrubbing, etc. that are missing in v3