Chord Filter?

In this cubase video: Cubase 8 Advanced Video Tutorials 15 Know your harmonies

you can see at about 4:56 a small icon like a gear. It seems useful to filter the kind of chords that will be shown.

I can not find this gear in my chord dialog box. Where is it?

As you can see in my screenshots, there is no gear in my cubase, but you can see it in the screenshots
from the video.
Is there any button I can switch the gear visibility on or of?
Should I think there are also other functions in the videos only for advertising but not useable in my
cubase version? :confused:

According to Steve (, it seems that the “Gearwheel” is no longer there, by design (it is now all handled by other existing parameters, but somehow, those old (temporary) screenshots got left in the pdf!.

Thank you for this find.