Chord Grids

I still have a copy of Cakewalk 9.02 from 1999 (no joke!). It is the only way I can draw Chords Grids.

We now have a Chord Track in Cubase 8. That is good but nothing compares to the display of the VOICING of a chord. In jazz, it is almost mandatory.

It would be of great help to have a Chord Grid Track in Cubase, same thing available in the “Staff” window in Cakewalk 9.02.

Thanks !

Open a MIDI Track in the Score Editor (or rather, a MIDI Part, that is the same length and position as your song… even if the Part itself is empty)
Scores menu>Advanced Layout>Show Chord Track (presuming you already have something on it :wink: )
Double-click on the first Chord that now appears (to select them all)
Scores menu>Make Guitar Symbols :wink:

That works pretty well ! Thanks !