Chord Lengths in chord track

I have just started playing around with the new chord track. I was wondering if there is a way to extend the length of a chord beyond the measure it is played in? What I would like is to have a piano chord that begins on the first beat of one measure and sustains through the end of the following measure.

The chord sustains until the playback cursor hits the next chord.

In fact, DavidsMusic is correct, as far as the chord track playing back is concerned (I was about to reply the same thing as you, Steve, but I double-checked it first, and was indeed surprised to notice that the last chord cut off at the end of the next bar.)
On further exploration, this only happens with the final chord, so, the best I can come up with for now is to add an extra chord two bars later (could be the same chord, of course). (no promises, but I’ll see if there is now any way to mute that unwanted final chord)…
Yes :wink:… Just make sure that the final chord is undefined.
So, let’s start again…
Insert an extra chord, without defining it (so it is still “X”) at the place where you want your final audible chord to stop.

Interesting. I think it’s changed it from previously, then.

Ah- Vic edited whjile I was posting. :laughing:

I do remember when C7 came out a problem was that the chord would continue playing back if it was the last chord, and it was necessary for an X chord to be placed to silence it

Thanks for all of the replies. The chord I wanted to sustain was the last chord but it was only lasting for the 4 beats of the measure. I added the undefined chord two bars later and it sustains through that chord.

While I’m able to create correct sequences with the signature on CHORD TRACK and the chord holds properly until the following chord,
in case I enter a CHORD from the SQUARED BOTTONS (the ones alloving different combination and voicing) into a MIDI TRACK it comes always a 2 / 4 duration!!!
How can I extend the duration of those chord until the following chord ??


I am having the same problem, and also am just learning about chord tracks. When I started, I could easily change the duration of all chords with a dragging of the edge after selection. Now all my chords are fixed in duration and I can’t seem to change the length of any of them? I have no idea what has caused this change.