Chord-melody generator? +Bring back 32 VST support?

i know there’s already a feature where you can pick chords ease of use, But i’d like to see more features in the sense that helps
you to write melodies . E.G there’s a daw called Tracktion - Waveform 8 there’s Generators that creates melodies, chords for you in the Root key. Also likes of Rapid Composer, abundant-music (Site where it auto-generates whole songs and it sounds actually decent) Would be a really good feature for people who stuck with music block or someone who don’t know much about music theory.

Be good if you updated Cubase Engine, let’s say if a plugin crashes your project (Mostly due to Jbridge -_-) And if it crashes the project will not crash, it will re-load all the plugins instead and carry on with your work Like Bitwig Studio, which if plugin causes a crash, it’ll stop the engine and re-boot itself with nothing lost.

Bring back 32 Plugin support back??? Bitwig, Fl studio can support both 32/64 Bit plugins on a 64 Bit machine…


Thank you for tipping me off to abundant-music. It is really complex to understand what it does, but it can generate some useful parts to fiddle with. A random generator in Cubase would be fun.

And you can run them even better in Cubase 9.5 by using jBridge, so there’s no reason to bring 32 bit support back. Don’t waste your time, and please don’t make multiple completely unrelated suggestions in a single thread if you want your ideas to receive any support.

Chill dude, i’m putting my suggestions down just like everyone else, everyone has a right

Haha, Abundant music is fantastic, sounds amazing. Theres a software called “Orb composer” coming out soon to help composing with A.I, yeah i agree with you Maybe in cubase 14 we’ll have some advance A.I to generator music who knows

Tried Waveform. The GUI design feels unelegant, but the pattern generator is just what I need so I will get a license. It does not cost more than a Cubase upgrade. Wonder how this turns out. Would not surprice me if I end up not using Cubase after a while. Atleast until something similiar turns up.