Chord Pad - Ab and Eb the same

I tried a search and could not find any similar posts.

In Cubase 13 on macOS 14.1, when I open the chord pads to try to experiment with chords and progressions, when the key signature selected offers an Ab chord and Eb chord, they both play back the same chord. Going back and forth between them, plays the same thing.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a new project
  2. open the Chord Pads
  3. Select the key of Ab
  4. you should see something similar to this:

  1. press the Eb located on E key
  2. press Ab located on C#/Db
  3. hear the same chord

Please let me know if you need more information.

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When I try, this is what I hear:

After experimenting, the issue was with the Sound sample.

Choosing HS SE Pro, sound Electro Buzz, is where the issue lies. When I change the instrument, it seems to work. However, Electro Buzz plays it incorrectly.

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Not exactly… it’s a monophonic patch, so it produces only one note at a time.

So you were hearing a single note for each of the two chords, not a a triad or four note chord.

It was the same note because the voicing setup for both had Eb set a the highest note.

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I appreciate that info. I am VERY new to Cubase, coming from notations packages (Finale then Sibelius, now Dorico).

How did you figure out that Electro Buzz was a monophonic patch?


by ear. It only plays one note at a time.

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Thanks. I chose the sound. by hitting my MIDI keyboard notes. Spent several moments messing with stuff, then opened the chord pads and never put to 2 and 2 together.

I recognized I never stop to truly play the sound. After trying to play chords, I see that you are 100% correct.

Also, for anyone in the future, if you scroll to the far right, you can see the words monophonic. Or you can see some other information about the sound.