Chord Pad also plays Root Note

Hello friends,

I have searched in the database and did not find anyone having this issue:

My MIDI keyboard and everything works just fine, but when I drag and drop chords into pads, Cubase also plays notes and records them as well. Here are my steps:

  1. Create an Instrument Track
  2. Create a Chord Pad
  3. Enable Monitoring
  4. Start playing notes, and for example if I dragged BbMaj7 into C1, it also plays C1 on top of the chord.

I am currently working on Cubase Pro 8 (latest update) 64 bit and Windows 8.1. This issue happens with any VST, Steinberg ones or third party plugins.

Please help me if possible,


HI, did you solve the issue???

You can modify MIDI settings of your instrument “to play lowest note C2” (in HALion “Low Key”).