Chord Pad assignment to midi controller

Hi just wondering how to get the chord pads triggering from the pads on my midi keyboard? there is a website i looked at that says if you click “assign pad from midi input” it will let you assign that pad on ur hardware to that pad on the chord pads, however, all this does is sets the pad to the note that the pad on the hardware is already assigned to.

For example, one of my pads for some reason triggers the d note on the little keyboard shown above the chord pads, but i want it to trigger the first pad, however, if i click assign from midi input and hit my pad on my hardware, it just sets that pad to the note d, it doesnt map that pad to the pad on my hardware. How do i do this??? I know it will probably be very simple but cant work it out and so frustrated haha

Hi and welcome,

The Pads in the ChordPad is just a chromatic line. You can define, on witch MIDI Note does it start, and where does it end. But you cannot assign dedicated ChordPad pad to dedicated MIDI Note. The Assign Pad from MIDI Input has totally different meaning/function. By using this function, you can “record” your own chord (or cluster) to the pad. By using this, you can trigger chords with your own voicing, or (as I mentioned) own clusters.

how do i trigger the virtual pad on the screen from my midi controller?


Just send the right MIDI Note.