chord pad, drag to project window, set the length/duration

How do i set the DURATION/LENGTH of a dragged chord into a project track from the chord pad zone? it seems to default to 1 bar/measure?

The chords have a lengths that lasts up to the end of a bar or to the NEXT chord. In order to shorten the duration you simply insert an empty chord.

All to be found in many tutorial videos and also of course in the manual.

BR, Ernst

yes this have been annoying me too. I can’t seem to figure out a way to set the length, you always get 1 bar or legato mode and it will be notes to your next chord track note.

Sometimes gives you a lot of cutting and resizing manual work. If there is a way I would like to know about it too :slight_smile:

To me it is absolutely logical that a “chord” in the “chord track” does not have a defined length. The point is: We are talking about harmonies (rather than chords) that fit to a certain musical passage (bar, etc.) Thus the “chords” we are defining in the chord track are not a concrete instance but an abstract one, part of the harmonization of the song we are working on. There is no information in the “chord”-track about how often the chord should be “strummed” or triggered, neither does it tell about how to play the chord. You have to interpret the chords in the chord tracks like the chord notatoin on a lead sheet! If more information would be included in the chord track itself, it would also have to include information about the instrument, the patterns, etc. that is triggered by the track. which could of course then be more than one instrument track …
I hope you understand.

As an example: You might have 2 instruments, say a guitar and a string ensemble. Both instruments should logically follow the chord track, but the duration of the sound they generate usually is NOT the same, nor is the pattern they play. As a consequence the chord track MUST NOT contain any information about the sounds it triggers!

you can change the divisions in the project by selecting (sorry, I’m not at my cubase computer) something like GRID RELATIVE… so as you drag the project out (H key), you can see one bar, or one bar divided into 1/4 notes… and then get finer as you drag out more… then you can drag the chords in. in other words, the resolution increases as your bar shows larger and larger.