Chord Pad Keyboard Display Issue

There are some graphical glitches in the chord pad keyboard display (music keyboard displaying chording and remote keys)

  1. I activate my Piano plugin (ezkeys) which is loaded as a Track Plugin in my otherwise empty project template.
  2. I switch to Chord Pads in the lower zone.
  3. I select a chord preset for the chord pads
  4. I enable remote control
  5. I trigger the remote control, sounding chords correctly
  6. I notice that the graphical musical keyboard has missing trigger keys, and also black blocks (where they shouldn’t be) on the white keys.
  7. I have confirmed that this is not particular to any plugin… and is a graphical error, as it appears on my screen.

My System
Core i5 3570 8 Gb Ram
Win 10 64 v1709 build 16299.309
Nvidia Gt1030 @ 3840 x 2160 60hz
Cubase Pro 9.5 build 3 (

I can confirm this issue in Cubase 11.0.10.

Steps to recreate.
1- start empty project and reset all the pads “unnassign pads”
2-add instrument track and chord pad output mode should be activated (button top-left on Chord Pads)
3-while using a midi controller to press some of the pads (assigned default notes are C1-B1), simultaneously decrease the ‘Pad Remote Range End’ through the notes your playing (eg. D1-G1)
4-after 2 or 3 times of moving the range there starts to see graphical glitches along the top.