Chord Pad Pattern Drag & Drop ?

I have tried in many ways to drag and drop a chord pad MIDI pattern but it will only let me drag and drop the chord itself.
Recording the pattern is a hassle because it is lagging and therefore doesn’t respond fast enough to record within the quantizing limits.

Is there a way to drag and drop the patterns from the pads straight into a midi track?

Thanks in advance

Hi and welcome,

There are no patterns on the Pads, there are Chords only. The pattern is driven by a MIDI event (which you can drag-and-drop to the Chord Pad area), or by a MIDI Loop, which comes from MediaBay.

Thank you Martin for the quick response
Ok so chordpads cannot transfer the pattern itself.

Is there another way I can import/drag&drop a MIDI pattern into an instrument track and get it to follow the chords from the chord track?


Exactly as you described. You can import/Drag-and-drop a MIDI pattern from MediaBay, or via File > Import > MIDI File.

Then in the MIDI (or Instrument) track, open Chords tab, and set Follow to Chords.

Thanks a lot Martin you made my day!

I dragged a MIDI patern from the list within the chord pad section onto the arranger window and it automatically made piano track.
I then set the chords to voicings and voicings to from the chord track and it worked really well!

Do you know by any chance where I can get more midi patterns to use this way?



In the MediaBay, you could show MIDI Loops. I have 3.316 MIDI loops with my Cubase Pro, and I don’t think, I installed some extra, so you should see the same (if they didn’t come with Sequel to my computer). Then there are several producers of MIDI loops.

Btw: When I was playing with Chord Pads and MIDI Loops, I found very interesting to use Drum MIDI Loops as a source. Try it. :wink:

Omg! I didn’t know I had this many MIDI files already.
Some of the Drum MIDI loops work even better than the piano loops.
This takes experimenting with music to another level.
I also figured out searching for a second voice on melodies is a piece of cake if you use the tenor/soprano etc. option for single voice…very handy for violins etc.
Thanks again Martin!