Chord Pad Plays single note


I have a MIDI track with the chord pad as input. When I trigger the pads ( midi controller also mouse), a single note ( chord root) is played but on the keyboard layout of the pad they are lid but they are not played. It was working before, I am not sure what I did.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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It’s working for me here. Could you please provide a screenshot. Maybe we will see something on it…

Thanks Martin. I am playing on Dm pad.


It looks totally OK, for me. So do I understand you right, you hear only single note instead of the instrument, right? Are you sure the instrument is polyphonic? Could you attach a screenshot of the instrument, please?

I remove the VST and reinserted it. No. of voices is 32! Still the same issue. I am using Kontakt 5 and it shows in the piano roll of Kontakt that only one note is triggered. Screen Shot 2021-01-04 at 7.51.52 PM


What can you see on the virtual keyboard of NI Kontakt, please?

Could you try to add MIDI Modifier MIDI Insert? What can you see in the Monitor, please?

Thank you, Martin. I use Chord pads to simplify things and I think now it is making my life much harder.

For now, I am switching to Dorico for my full orchestral arrangements. I am saying this due to the quality score produced when chord track is utilized ( w/out chord pads) and many of its limitations and instabilities, voicing. I have spent hundreds of hours prior to moving from Finale to Cubase and taken courses in Composition and orchestration and I would like to retain that knowledge. I believe Cubase for orchestration it is not helpful at all at least for me.

I would like to challenge ( on social media/youtube) whoever claims otherwise. Unfortunately, I am guessing I am wasting my and your time. Thank you Martin for being most helpful to me here!


I’m sorry, we didn’t manage to make it work.

Very interesting challenge!

No problem Martin.

If allowed by the forum rules, I set up the rules of the challenge that are universally accepted by orchestrators and put down 100 bucks for the winner! Of course, the challenger must bid the same amount!

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There’s a significant community of orchestral composers using Cubase, amongst them Hans Zimmer and Junkie XL. And many more from what I can tell from a forum quite popular with orchestral composers over at

That may be perfectly valid, and I’m not trying to convince you otherwise, since that depends a lot on your individual priorities when selecting your DAW of choice for your personal orchestration workflow.

I will follow that challenge with great interest. So please post links back here, once you have started the challenge.

That is cool! Looking for a person to challenge me.

There are so many shortcomings as for the usage of Chord Pad and Voicings when it comes to utilizing them in professional orchestration. Even tweaking the outputs of them takes a lot of time. I am almost certain they don’t use ChordPad and/or its voicings. Maybe if they don’t have any ideas to get inspired maybe!

It would be good to find people to be on my side too.

Right now the Chord Pads in Cubase 13 are behaving strangely. If I play even close to legato/overlapping notes, the chords sometimes play and sometimes don’t. At first I thought it was set to do this per velocity(being new to Cubase). I really don’t know what’s happening here but it makes it difficult to audition chords when they often don’t play. Strange thing is that it’s mainly the chords to the upper end of the Chord Pads that do this. I thought it might be something to do with AV but I turned that on and off and couldn’t get an improvement.

If I use a mouse this doesn’t happen. It’s mainly the top B note that’s the offender but sometimes the A and Ab and maybe others. Again, to be clear, it’s only when I’m playing legato or close to legato (which sometimes helps me get the right velocity and timing in my playing - I don’t try to overlap, I just try to not have noticeable gaps in time between the adjacent chords on the imaginary timeline.).