Chord Pad voicing I can't attain

Hello Steinberg forum - I was having success with Chord Pads and a Chord Track. Then I ran into an inversion, a chord spelling, that I can’t get to work. A close harmony C7 spelled: G-Bb-C (5-b7-8). When I use my MIDI keyboard to assign that chord to Pad, it calls it “Gmin”, but when tapped on, plays the C7 as spelled above. When I move it to the Chord Track, it plays as the Gmin: G-Bb-D (1-b3-5) just as it’s name implies. I want to call it what it is, a C7 with no 3rd, but in the “Inversion” list, that inversion is not available. Can I make a custom chord, and avoid Cubase’s intuitiveness? Thanks!


Tray to explore bottom part of the “Preferences > Event Display > Chords & Pitches” window, please.

Thanks Martin - I will try that as soon as I get back to my PC - Prof

Hi Again - I explored the bottom part of that location, and am still confused. If it is storing my chord, that I labeled: “7no3” for a “C dominant 7th that doesn’t use a 3rd, and root is played above as 8”= G,Bb,C. (I hit store, name the preset as above, “7no3”, but), I’ll be damned if I can find it to assign it to a Chord pad. Some process is missing in there.
Sorry I can’t figure it out. Thanks for help! Prof


Could you attach a screenshot, please?

I’m not really sure what screen you would want to see, as I am not succeeding in an outcome. I’m sure you are familiar with “Preferences > Event Display > Chords & Pitches”, since that is where you sent me. There is nothing to see that isn’t already displayed in that list. I also am surprised at lack of “7” or “Dominant 7” in choices.

I hope this helps, but wonder how. Thanks for all your help! Prof

Hi Again -

Here’s the Chord Pads again, with Preferences open on top. Prof

Martin (or Anyone Familiar) -
Thanks for help. I still haven’t had success. I was hoping to get this chord as it’s only one I’m missing from sequence I’m proposing to use. I labeled it C7no3 (C Dominant 7 minus the 3rd, octave on top, no Bass root.) Please tell me if it’s not possible? Thanks so much! Prof


I have tried different ways, how to get this chord (G-Bb-C) to the Chord Pad:

  • Assign Pad from MIDI Input
  • Record this chord to the Chord Track (which didn’t recognise it as a chord) and drag & drop from the Chord Track to the Chord Pad.
  • Use MIDI Input on the Chord Track and drag & drop (the chord has not been recognised by the Chord Track).
  • Insert the chord to the MIDI Track and use the Create Chord Symbols function. But again, even Key Editor doesn’t recognise this as a chord.

I’m afraid, I’m out of ideas.

You could add the Feature Request label to add your chord to the list.

Hi Martin -

Sure do appreciate your efforts on my behalf! Obviously not many blues musicians in Chord Pad design:>)) That cluster is an imperative chord for blues, especially keyboard players. I may have to MIDI the whole pattern just to get that one spelling. Not sure why there should be ANY combination of notes that couldn’t be stored on a pad, but… I’ve run into limitations for things that don’t stretch imagination too far. Take care, Martin, and thanks again! The Prof


You can store any combination of notes on a pad. The other thing is, what Chord name will be assigned to the “cluster”.