Chord Pad voicing I can't attain

Hello Steinberg forum - I was having success with Chord Pads and a Chord Track. Then I ran into an inversion, a chord spelling, that I can’t get to work. A close harmony C7 spelled: G-Bb-C (5-b7-8). When I use my MIDI keyboard to assign that chord to Pad, it calls it “Gmin”, but when tapped on, plays the C7 as spelled above. When I move it to the Chord Track, it plays as the Gmin: G-Bb-D (1-b3-5) just as it’s name implies. I want to call it what it is, a C7 with no 3rd, but in the “Inversion” list, that inversion is not available. Can I make a custom chord, and avoid Cubase’s intuitiveness? Thanks!


Tray to explore bottom part of the “Preferences > Event Display > Chords & Pitches” window, please.

Thanks Martin - I will try that as soon as I get back to my PC - Prof