Chord Pad Voicing mode will jump after Tensions manipulatio


New project, add Chord Track, add Instrument, select HALion Nylon guitar (just for example, effect appears also on other instruments). Leave selected “Piano player”.

C chord Voicing mode will appear jumped to “E2 C3 G3” after operator manipulations with Tensions mode and returning to initial “leftmost” Tensions mode position. Voicing mode on screen indicator remains being in “initial” mode - last “down” position. Operator have to push “up” and “down” Voicing mode selector several times to switch Voicing mode to really initial mode: last “down” and see and hear C chord as “E2 G2 C3”. The “jump” may appear also to position “G2 C3 E3”.

For user, who want to create music by method of “change settings, play and listen”, those behavior creates difficulties to reproduce last performance in the exact same sound.

Investigation of this behavior with chord Dmin. Initial Voicing mode is “F2 A2 D3”, the jump appears to Voicing mode “A2 D3 F3”.

Additional thing related to this behavior - Voicing mode “on screen” indicator after this parasitic jump may show Voicing mode position being “not initial” - but only if user after that parasitic jump (after observing that chord notes mystically changes) will hover by mouse marker over neighborhood buttons on Chords Pad and, after, hover back over button “under investigation”.

Steinberg Cubase Elements 8 ver. 8.0.40 64 bits. Windows 10 64 bits. Lenovo G50-70. Intel Core i7, 16GB RAM. OXYGEN61, nanoPAD2, nanoKEY2.

Thank You, regards.