Chord pads and Pattern (midi loop) wrong notes

I been playing around with chord pads and pattern assigning a midi loop…
I notice that it completely plays the loop wrong from the original,
I tried different settings, chords, etc… hopefully I can get some of you guys
to test it out tell me what Im doing wrong

Actually after 2 years and a glory update related to chord pads it’s pretty much the same.

  1. If I use custom midi loops it forgets notes and doubles notes. Examining the midi loop export it could depend on the midi loop export/import too.

  2. Changing patterns works not in real-time, we have to stop and start the transport.

  3. Chord changes in pattern mode only work with enabled chord follow.

Generally Yamaha did a big step with version 8. But there is so much space for real smart solutions.

For a 900.00 EUR package which I bought (incl. Absolute 2) I expect smart solutions! I mean really smart solutions and no cheating.

  1. Make everything automateable in the note editor (incl. quick controls, because it’s much smarter to edit)
  2. Give everything midi out, instead of drag and drop cheating.
  3. Forget about rack nostalgia and give us splines.
  4. Let us chord pads internal route.
  5. Give chord pads variable strumming incl. strum speed (1-2 person days for development).
  6. Give every stock-plugin midi learn (which is standard since decades), especially the midi effects ala Arpache.
  7. Give us native Yamaha styles import.
  8. Overhole all bulid in plugs, and don’t let them forget presets and settings.

Conclusion: Make everything really smart, anything else is cheating. We customers are not so stupid!

Unfortunately, no one from Steinberg will ever read this. I never saw an answer from them in this forum.
We definitely still have a customer relations and quality problem here.

I believe what’s happening is the chord pad plays a chord so if the midi loop
has single notes it gets translated into a chord its not like the chord track were
it can move chords and scales around. it seams to be a useless feature
having all these notes on top of each other. why would Steinberg just throw
a little feature in that is useless