Chord Pads Block Mod Wheel

I am using the Chord Pads in Cubase 9.0.20. I have a saxophone voice on my synth (a Yamaha Montage 7) that “growls” when I move the Mod Wheel up. I’ve figured out that when the Chord Pads are open, the MIDI messages from the Mod Wheel are not getting through Cubase and back to the synth. The voice works fine when the Chord Pads are not open.

I went into the Chord Pads settings and turned off the remote controls for Transpose, Voicings, and Tensions. But the Mod Wheel MIDI messages are still blocked.

Is there a way to unblock the Mod Wheel MIDI messages?

I discovered another weird thing: when I play keys on the synth that are beyond the range of the keys that control the Chord Pads, those notes come through on channel 16. Is there somewhere where the MIDI behavior of the Chord Pads feature is documented in detail? That would make things a lot easier for me, as opposed to what I’m doing now which is to reverse-engineer what’s going on.