Chord pads in Cubase 8 pro and Halion5 Pads

Seems to be limited …assigning the midi input of chords under a chord pad in Cubase ?
I like to have a Cm and below that two C’s (octave ) …a big fat chord

From HAlion5-auron synth i used the Abaddon Choir sound with Cm-Fm-Db and G programmed under the chord pads
I do need these chords from Auron in a another composer and so i must import those chords

You can drag a chord from the chordtrack in Cubase to a trigger pad in HALion5…but it goes not the other way around?
The problem is now how to construct those chords from Auron easily in Cubase as midi file for exporting?
Trial and error( see if it works?) … drop the the triggerpad Cm in Auron into Cubase …somewhere…no that direction is not working (only from chord track dragging chords to HAlion5)

I try now to draw the Auron chord Cm in the keyeditor and the chord track shows Cm and the keyeditor has a 5 note chord
Easy should be if i can record via midi input the Auron chords with a step recording under the chord pads in Cubase?
Is there a easy way to get the HALion5 chords for the sounds as a midi file ?
it seems that a direct midi input ( keyboard) of playing the HAlion5 pad chords is not possible in Cubase pro…other then drawing them in the key editor.
Perhaps a method is to record the the chord pads from auron as triads under the Cubase chordpad and adding later the extra notes ?