Chord pads in live use / HW unit

Cubase user since couple of years but first time posting on the forum. And actually this is not exactly a Cubase question, sorry about that, but request of help if somebody would be able to assist / point me in the right direction.

I really like the chord pads -function of Cubase and would like to get similar thing for live band use. Background here is that we have a sax player in the band who is not playing in every song or all the time and it would be great to have him add to the rest of the songs with some organ background. He can’t play the keyboard so I’m thinking the Cubase chord pads with a HW controller (like Akai MPD) would be an excellent solution for this. However, running a full Cubase just for the chords and VST synth seems overkill and requires a laptop, interface, controller, power, cables, tables and all. And even more so, changing the chords per song would not be simple enough.

So, I was wondering if anybody is aware of standalone device with this kind of feature? Basically a desktop synth (hammond / similar organ sounds preferred) that can play full chords with a single pad? Exactly like the chord pads in Cubase. I know this could be done with a sampler and similar modern DJ-gizmos, but it’s cumbersome when coming up with new songs and doesn’t sound so good when playing in a different rhythm than the sample happens to be.

Thank you in advance for any suggestions