Chord Pads missing main and mode scales presets

Am I missing something? But since we have key signatures in chords pads in C13, we don’t need a tonne of presets. However, we still need at least the main and the modes scales, right? It is great to have a lot of other presets, but we should have the basics first, no?

As the mains are also modes, we’re missing (at least) Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian and Locrian, are we not? And then there should be the jazz scales, world scales…
Not 100% sure we had this in C12, but the mains and the modes seem like the minimum chord presets to be able to start to compete with things like Scaler, Captain Chords, Cthulu and NI Komplete Kontrol.

I’ve seen the solution in this thread, but that is just for main scales. (And that video is extremely fast.)
This is what the Dorian looks like in Scaler for instance.

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It seems it would be a good idea for Steinberg to deliver such presets with the next maintenenace update.
If you like to have a (self made) solution now:
Dorian is the same scale as major but the root note is 2 semi tones higher.
Example: C dorian is the same as Bb major.
Other example: the dorian of C major is D dorian.
So you could re-arrange the order the pads of major scale accordingly and save it as dorian.

Phrygian is 4 semi tones higher than major.
Lydian is 5 semi tones higher than major.
Mixolydian is 7 semi tones higher than major.
Nine semi tones is natural minor - you got that already from the other solution.
Locrian is 11 semi tones higher (or 1 semi tone lower) than major.


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Well, then just let me make the graphic a little bit more useful by adding the types of chords underneath:

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Even better. They take what they already have and use it >

This is why cubase sometimes makes no sense to me.
They have every scale I want in the scale assistant yet they don’t share that feature with the chord pads…So silly

Ps is anyway has the presets from C12 that you’ve made I would be most appreciative