Chord pads not responding to midi keyboard in cubase 12 but do in my cubase 11

I I can operate chord pads in Cubase elements 11 no problem. In cubase 12 I cannot. I check all things like Midi thu, I set up an instrument track to have chord pads as the input, but what I get once I have monitor and record on is no sound from the midi keyboard when I play the keys. I can see the notes appearing on the keyboard within the chord pads in the lower screen but no sound. I know when I switch back to all midi inputs I can hear the instrument track sound. When back in the mode of Chord pads as input on the instrument track I can only generate chord pad chord sounds if I use my mouse on the pads themselves. If I try to use virtual keyboard that does not work either. Please see attached video as well if that helps, although you cant hear sound, it shows the way things are responding visually, and I also bring up the settings pages in preferences for the various midi options and in chord pads set up too.
By the way, my chord pads work in cubase 11 which I can still load. so I can use my midi keyboard on that but not cubase 12.
Please help. Thanks in advance.
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Hi. I’ve got a quite similar problem in Cubase 12 Artist:
I have two midi keyboards connected via usb (have also tried with each one connected solo). Only one of them (Akai LPK25) connect with the chord pads section (Arturia Keylab essential). To the one which don’t connect I’m unable to asssign/learn midi directly from a chord pad as well. Both connect fine in every other aspect I’ve tried.

Hi ,pcstrom. Just so you know i managed to get my keyboard working to play the chord pads and then assign the particulsr pads i wanted into the positions i wanted by pressing the “e” button just left of where the chord pads section is.make sure chord pads is selected as the out destination in the track inspector, make sure you go to chrod pad set up from file edit top of screen and assign the key range also check on the ticks where the boxes are. i might check and see if there is anything else i can clarify as not on cubase at the moment

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Hi, Adrian. Thanks for responding (and so fast:).
I really suspects there must be something with my Keylab (setup or anything), the chord pad section (not even the other keys outside the pad section) doesn’t respond at all to this keyboard, and since the other keyboard works perfectly fine with chord pad.
But I find it strange that the instrument responds to Keylab in the ordinary way.
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