Chord Pads Patterns Help

I’m exploring the pattern play feature of the chord pads. The idea is to create some midi loops of different rhythms for later use. However, I find that I stumble upon unexpected behavior, so I ask help in order to minimize trial and error. In particular, I would like to know:

  • Which voices (out of the 8, Soprano - Bass, Soprano 2 - Bass2) take priority in any case.

For example, if I always want the bass playing a 1-5 over the current chord (a I - I64 that is), what should I do? Is it the bass that should be assigned this note? Another voice? The pattern player tends to strongly root the bass and remove the ornamental 1-5.

  • What happens if I want to have an ornament baked into a pattern?

For example, I might want to have a 9-8 ornament in my soprano, always (EGD EGC). What do I have to do to let the pattern player allow this? By extension, if I wanted to write a piano montuno, say from A minor, where the outer voices may be walking E-F-F# and the inner two A and C remain.

  • In essence, can I tell the pattern player: “Play this as written, transpose (diatonically) as necessary.”?