chord pads playing all monitored tracks

Just got into trying out chord pads and have hit a snag.

When you click on a pad on the UI not only does it send midi to the current instrument but also any tracks with monitor on. I have to have a MIDI track with monitor on in order to route midi from Jamstix to BFD3 so I cannot turn it off. This means whenever I hit a pad the instrument plays but so do the drums! The drum midi track input is set only to Jamstix not to ‘all’. I also tried the on screen keyboard to see if it has the same issue but that was fine.

This may well be user error but I have watched the video and read the manual chapter with no success

Hi, I too have the exact problem. I too am using Jamstix 3 to trigger Kontakt. The chord pad is triggering Kontakt despite it being on a different track and MIDI channel to that which I am using the chord pad on. Did you find any way around this? Steinberg really need to sort this out in any updates as this pretty much renders the chord pad useless for myself and I imagine quite a lot of people. The thing that made me want to upgrade in the first place was the chord pad and I can’t currently use it!

I, too, have the same problem.

There is, apparently, no way to precisely control which midi tracks receive the output of the chord pads. In my opinion, the chord pads should have their own midi output such that you can route it to the tracks you want by using that output as an input to whichever midi/instrument channels you desire.

Using the monitoring to control this is clearly insufficient, as there are many good reasons to want to have more than one track with monitoring enabled but have only a subset of them react to the chord pads.

Like the other users in this thread, I use jamstix to produce drum midi data and route it to a drum sampler - BFD3 in my case - which necessitates enabling monitoring on the BFD3 instrument track. However, I want the chord pads to end up only on my piano; I don’t want them to play the drums!

Please, Steinberg, fix this problem.
If there already is a solution that we are missing, please let us know.

I found the solution. It was somewhat easy to miss, but since Cubase 8.0.2, it is possible to set the player type in the “Chords” inspector of MIDI and instruments tracks to “No player”, such that they will not be triggered by chord pads even if input monitoring is enabled.