Chord Pads to MIDI, how?

So i’m having trouble assigning the chord pads to my MIDI controller. I right click the the pad “assign pad from midi”, nothing really happens after that. It just deselects the pad.

I have my Oxygen 49 keyboard selected and activated, and i can play the VSTi from it with no problem.

The manual says i need to be on a MIDI or Instrument Track. I’m using a softsynth (and i let cubase create that track for me after clicking the VSTI). I’m guessing this is an instrument track or is this the wrong track type that Cubase creates?

To be sure i also created an Instrument Track, but same thing, nothing happens if i click “assign pad from midi”.

I’m on Cubase 8 Pro (latest version), PC.

Any help would be great, seems to be a nice feature but i really dont like using the mouse for this.


Do I understand you correct, you want to play the pads from your MIDI Keyboard?

The “Assign Pad from MIDI Input” function means, you can “learn”, what should be stored on the Pad. So you can Store own Chords (with own Voicing), or clusters.

To the Pads, there is “All MIDI Inputs” signal routed. So make sure, your Oxygen 49 is part of “Al MIDI Inputs”. Then select the Instrument track, and make sure Arm Record or Monitor is enabled.

Ok, i see. So it assigns the chords to the keys automatically?

I’m on the instrument track (i believe its called?) i have turned on the monitor icon.

Not sure what to do else… the manual did not do a very good job of explaining this.


Now, you should be able to play Chord Pads. Are you sure you play the correct octave?

Thanks again, it does work now :mrgreen:


We had a PM discussion with @vic_france (thank you) and my explanation here can be pretty confusing (I’m sorry). So the signal to the Chord Pads is routed this way:
MIDI Devices > Track MIDI Input (the currently selected one) > Chord Pads.

It means, if you Jave dedicated Device selected as an Input if the track, only this Device will Control Chord Pads (when the track is Record enable). If you Jave All MIDI Inputs selected, all MIDI Devices, which are in this list, control Chord Pads (inckude the Virtual Keyboard). If any Device is excluded from the list (Devices > Device Setup > MIDI Port Setup), this Device is excluded from controlling Chord Pads, when All MIDI Inputs is selected (of course).

I hope, I make it clear, now.