Chord Pads versus Enhanced Chord Pads

Hey there. I am a prospective Cubase buyer. I have never owned Cubase before. I have worked with other DAWs, such as Reason, FL Studio and Logic. I’m thinking about switching to Cubase mostly because of the MIDI drum editor. It seems really nice. Anyway, another feature that seems nice is chord pads. When looking at Cubase Artist vs. Elements, I noticed Elements has chord pads and Artist has “Chord Pads Enhanced.” What exactly can you do with each of these, and what are the differences? I didn’t see any discussion about this when I searched. Thanks in advance for the info! Hopefully your input will help me decide on Cubase!

The users in this forum already own one of the versions of CB; so that’s why that question hasn’t been asked. The version of chord pads in Pro has optimal features for integrating your chord pad work into the respective project. Contact the sales team if you are serious and have some specific questions you need answered.