Chord pads - what do you hear depending on various settings

I have checked the output result of Chord Pads, depending on various parameters settings.
To be simple, I have one MIDI keyboard called CLP, and one instrument track.
I play with the following parameters :

  • Studio Setup : CLP MIDI as part of the “All MIDI inputs” group or not
  • Studio Setup : Chord Pad MIDI input : CLP or “All MIDI inputs”
  • Chord Pad Output Mode : enabled or disabled
  • Instrument Track MIDI input : CLP or “All MIDI inputs” or “Chord pads”
  • Chord pads displayed (bottom window or not).

I have put the result of what you hear in the attached table (picture).
When the result is “just pads”, it means that if I press a key which is not assigned to a chord pad, I hear nothing. When the result is “pads + normal keyboard”, I hear both the chord assigned and the original key from the keyboard. Which may not be very nice to hear …

According to me, there are 3 combinations , in orange, that give a wrong behaviour. Instead of “Just Pads”, it should be “Pads + normal keyboard”.
All the rest, I understand and I agree with the behaviour.
What do you think ?

@Maestro : Something of interest for you?

I just downloaded the Cubase12 Pro trial version. The problem I have experienced with Cubase 11 Elements does not appear !
With Cubase 12 Pro, indeed the unassigned keys play a sound, except if you select Filter Notes = From MIDI through. It all makes sense.
In Cubase Elements 11 (and Cubase Elements 12), unassigned keys do not play a sound, except in the 2 special combinations of parameters we can see in the picture above (Pads + normal keyboard). But the “Filter Notes” feature does not work at all to filter the MIDI through.
My conclusion on the subject :

  • when Steinberg fixes a bug on a feature available on all Cubase Pro / Artists / Elements, … please fix it for all, not only for Pro !
  • There is still a strange behaviour, even in Cubase 12 Pro : There are 2 combinations of parameters where pressing a chord-assigned key will play both the chord and the normal key. That happens when you select All MIDI for the Chord pads input, and your keyboard for the track MIDI input, or vice-versa. And filtering the notes from MIDI through does not help here.