Chord pads with strummed guitar ?

Has anybody used Native Instruments strummed guitar or something similar with the chord pads.

When I try and use the chord pads with it, some chords will play the rhythm but others drop the rhythm.

Does anyone have a way around this ?
Thanks in advance.

Probably hitting some keyswitches.

Ok you combine them. Well thats a good idea (or should I say a bad good-idea :wink: ) but the NI should be able to play with his own controllers and key switch etc otherwise you are looking for troubles… especially if its hard to make it works. But the idea is interesting… and like you I like to experiment thos thigs but I gave up when it becomes too complicated Good luck

I convert the chords to midi notes and edit them b’cause I haven’t found a way around it, maybe track transpose?

OK guys.
Thanks for the replies.
Perhaps there isn’t an easy way then. I shall have another look at the keyswitches.


I use Iron Guitar and the chords trigger the switches so I apply a midi transpose of , I believe, 32 as an input transformer on the guitar track - works perfectly

Thanks Kieth99, I will try that out.
Will post if it works.