Chord Pads


Have grown to love this feature in Cubase. Has improved my songwriting skills, worflow and my theory. Here’s a few things i hope get added at some point.

  • Currently Chord Pads only allows up to two octaves (25 pads) in the Pad Layouts settings. Would appreciate an option to increase it by one or two more, or even the option to utilise the entire 88 keyboard so when dealing with complex tracks so i can fit all the chords in there.

  • A strumming/arpeggio option on the main layout that you could click on and off - like in Scaler with multiple timng/pattern options. The Pattern mode currently takes alot of effort to get desirable results and relies on a midi pattern being imported. That being said, it can create alot of random yet happy accidents, but would be nice to have standard arpeggios and timings - up down, down up, 1/4 1/4t etc to call on quickly.

  • A greater variation of voicings like Spread voicings, specifying certain degrees higher / lower.

  • The ability to manually edit any chord on the keyboard viewer above the pads.

  • The adaptive voicing is great, but would like to see a button on the left to easily disable it on everything when needed (instead of having to turn it off on each pad).

  • An easier way of assigning a given track to only play a certain degree of the chord. For example - having three tracks selected - Double Bass, Violas, Violins - you could specify that double bass only plays root, Violas 2nd, Violins 3rd. (Can do this using Kontakt as a multi.)


+1 to this.

I would also like to be able to trigger different midi phrases that are assigned via drag and drop on the pads.