Chord Roman Numerals

Hi - I’m using the lyrics function to make chord roman numerals. I have a dotted half note on beat 2 in 4/4. I want a roman numeral on beat 3, but it keeps skipping over it I guess because there is no note starting there. Any ideas?


Instead of spacebar, use the right arrow to advance your lyric input using the rhythmic grid value you have set.

ok how do i set the grid value again? I forget. thanks.

Bottom left corner of the screen, look for the little note icon.

You can also advance the caret while in note input, and input lyrics at any rhythmic position.

ok thanks. hrm. The arrow key seems to do the same thing as the space bar.

Set your rhythmic grid to a smaller note value.

EDIT: wait, I’m thinking of chord symbols. I was conflating the two functions because of how you’re using one for the other.

Ok, turn on note input, advance the caret to the spot, then Shift-L.

i have it set really small - it’s still just jumping from note to note.

See my comment above. Use note input.

perfect! thanks.

Is it possible to move the lyrics above the chord symbols, with both above the staff?

You can’t move the lyrics above the cord symbols automatically, but you can put the lyrics above the staff. With the lyric window open, press Shift-up arrow before you enter the line of lyrics. Or simply select the lyrics after the fact and press F to flip them above.

thanks. I have them both above the staff, but the lyrics are underneath the chord symbols. I guess I could move them manually in engrave mode.