Chord root accidental baseline adjustment?

When using Chord Symbols/Chord Root/Vertical position of accidental for root note: Baseline, is it possible to adjust the baseline positioning? The baseline should be the visual baseline to display optimally, not the actual physical baseline. I know I can edit each individual chord, but is there a global setting for this somewhere that I have missed?

Here’s what I mean. The default setting uses the actual baseline and ends up looking like this:

By slightly tweaking the positioning to better reflect the visual baseline I can get something like this:

Is there an accidental baseline adjustment somewhere where I can make this adjustment globally and not on an individual basis? If not, I would love to see this as a feature request. (I’m a long time Finale user, and Finale has this under Document Options/Chords/Chord Alteration Baseline Adjustment, so I was assuming there was a similar setting somewhere in Dorico.)


This is sort of another topic, but while fiddling around with chords I think I found a small bug. In the following example, I can’t imagine why the minus would be larger in the smaller superscripted alteration than the full size one on the baseline. It possibly looks like the full size alteration is using a smaller minus and the reduced and stacked alterations have a full size?

For baselines of root-note accidentals, everything available is in Engraving Options–Chord Symbols. “Design” is at the bottom, but there’s nothing currently that addresses the fine-grain control you’re wanting.

I don’t mind what you did to the sharp, but in your second example, it certainly extends below the baseline.

It definitely does, that’s sort of the point. The visual “weight” of the sharp needs to be more centered with the other characters, hence the furthest extensions of the sharp (and a bit for the flat) need to extend lower than the actual physical baseline to appear correctly. Typographically speaking this is generally referred to as “overhang” and virtually all rounded characters exhibit some overhang in a well designed typeface. Without some overhang settings for root accidentals, the chord symbols appear unbalanced.

I don’t disagree with that.