Chord Symbol - Alternate bass

Excellent! @cubic13
Thank you.

So there is clearly a problem here (as the chord symbol should be C/G).
Not sure this is a bug.
It is a mystery for the moment.

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You’re welcome… :slightly_smiling_face:

Has anyone started in safe mode to eliminate prefs as the culprit?

I have … :slightly_frowning_face:

Just tested it : same result… :neutral_face:



of course you are absolutely right if you consider that the notes were written for the keyboard player.
Well, what if the composer wants the keyboardist to play a C major chord and the bassist G? But at the same time so that the bassist understands that he is playing G in C major.
In this case the composer Should write C/G.

Well, so the notation C/G for sure only tells what the bass note should be and that the harmony is C. It does not tell anything about a triad’s inversion. Qued.

Sorry guys, this topic is about a function in Cubase and troubleshooting it, not opinions about chord symbol spelling.

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Is there any news about this problem?

Did you tried since the last update?

I updated Cubase to version 11.0.40.
But nothing changes for this issue.