Chord symbol box

I’m trying to create a worksheet that has empty boxes where a chord symbol would normally be like the attached screenshot. Is there a quick way to do this in dorico?
Screenshot 2023-11-01 092353

You could always just find a font that has a box glyph you like, and add it as Shift+X text. The one I used below is using a glyph from Wingdings 2:


Also, if you don’t actually want a box that’s a perfect square, but rather boxes of different lengths, you can create a “Boxed Text” Paragraph Style, then just input spaces to create different widths.


Perfect, thank you for the reply!

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You can also use this little font I made, AleBoxes. Dropbox - AleBoxes Public - Simplify your life

Smallest box: Aaa…aaaA
each letter is bigger, up to the biggest box: Wwww…wwwW



It’s easy, try the following settings:

then use shift+x and just hit 3 or 4 space bars then copy/paste to next notes.