Chord symbol defaults not saving?

Hi all,
I’m still a Dorico newbie. Been using for a while doing lead sheets. I’ve been in the chord symbol dialogue many times and clicked on save as default for my settings. Some of the settings seem to save, but others don’t. For example, I always have to tell it to use the half diminished symbol without the seven. There are a few other items I continue to have to check every time I open Dorico. So, do I need to clear all defaults and re-start a new default setting?
Thanks for any advice,

Rob, are you then beginning new projects, or opening previous ones? If it’s the latter, defaults won’t carry over.

Dan, yes that was the answer I just came to myself. I’d been doing save as for a lead sheet template! Duh!
Thanks for your help anyways. I’ll hide my embarrassment :slight_smile: