Chord symbol for chord without root

Chord symbol for chord without root seems to be impossible? E.g. C7(omit1) or C7(no1). I’ve also seen chord symbols with diagonally crossed-out letters (but this it doesn’t seem to be very common).

OK, I’ll dive in to this pool of potential controversy.

In my world, a C7(omit 1) is surely Edim?

Also in my world is C7(omit1) mostly Edim. But not always.
All worlds should be possible in Dorico!

What exactly is the context where you want this? Chordal players often omit roots, at least in jazz probably more often than not, but this isn’t usually described in the chord symbol. Is this for analysis or something?

Yes, especially for analysis. Saves me 1000 questions from my students.

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There is another writing variant: C7(no root)