Chord Symbol Midi Input add4/add11

I’m experimenting with chord symbol midi input, learning which voicings produce my desired results efficiently. I can’t seem to find a voicing that produces 7(add4).

I have this option selected in Note Input Options:

And yet, each of these played voicings produces a symbol with both add4 and add11.

Is there an option I’m missing?

I think that since the 4th is a suspension, if you include the third (that is the resolution ) it won’t read as a 4th. If you omit the third, you might get what you want. You can of course type and edit any chord.

I’m not so sure—doesn’t the presence of the 3rd necessarily mean that the 4th is not a suspension, but an added note? Either an added 4th or added 11th? To what does the input option refer if not to this?

Dominant(add4) chords and major(add4) chords are very common in modern jazz, pop, and folk music, and quite distinct from suspensions.

I’m aware that I can type chord symbols in; I was hoping midi entry would be more efficient.

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Those are fair points. I’m just suggesting that if you’re only concern is entering the chord symbols, omitting the third might give you what you want. (And I’m actually just conjecturing since I haven’t tried this out).

I appreciate the suggestion. Unfortunately, omitting the 3rd from those voicings produces 7sus, presumably because the 4th is now a suspension.

If anyone knows a way to produce 7(add4) with midi input, I’d love to know how.