Chord Symbol - overlapping accidental

I have found a problem with chord symbols where an accidental is overlapping the interval number in the alteration in parentheses.
I have attached a photo.
In this example Bbmaj7(#11)/A : # is overlapping 11.


ps. Is there any way of adjusting or correcting that?
Zrzut ekranu 2017-07-23 o 15.29.26.png

I can’t reproduce this problem – see the attached, which is what I get when I create this chord symbol (after changing a bunch of engraving options, of course). Can you attach the project in which this is going wrong for you?

I have sent the file by a Private Message.

Quick update: when creating a new project the chords are working as intended.
If this is hard to trace I will maybe copy everything to the new file.
I tested recreating one flow and it works great.

Fun fact: when recreating a string ensemble i created a test bass clarinet layout, made a chord, deleted the layout and created string ensemble. The double bass now has the chord from the bass clarinet! :slight_smile: